I will try to let go today. My fear of change keeps me from moving into further stages of living. I look around me and my life is good. But i forget that i particiapted in making it so. I have to constantly remind myself that i create my own experience of life, that a day will continue to present itself before me each time i wake up.

The attitude that i can take toward life is mine. No one can take it away from me unless i let them. Life takes courage; so does happiness. Often i abandon my own happiness becuase I am afraid that in taking a positive attitude, i am tricking myself into feeling happy. But that is not happiness- it’s just denial. Real happiness does not depend on denying pain. Real happiness accepts life as it is and enjoys it anyway- realizing that given the choice, one may as well relax abdd be amused by the ride, and stand in awe of the quiet and abiding mystery.

Happiness is an inside job.

“Most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be” Mark Twain

“Our wanting things to be different is the punishment we impose upon ourselves. Intellect limits us to ideas and opinions; it fragments almost everything it pronounces. We live at the level of relative thought where there is duality and conflict. Spirit alone is the true teacher; it relates us to reality, to eternal universal laws; Love, Truth, Peace, Joy. But there are no means to it, because in the Present there are no illusions of time, no tomorrow, or yesterday, or ever a sense of separation.”

There is no means to Love or to truth. It just is..     Tara Singh

We Love You

“Look, I’m not your buddy, I’m your father. Your mother is not your friend, she’s your mother. We are the only parents you are ever going to have. Our job is very different, and way beyond, the job of being a friend. Also, this is not a democracy. I didn’t campaign for you  to elect me and you didn’t vote for me. So, we’re stuck with each other. But if you realize how much we love you, and i hope that love is self evident, then it will be easier for you to take our discipline because it is an extension of our love. We have a tremendous responsibility. We introduced you into this world and we have to guide you on the road that will take you to a good life. You may question our intelligence, our logic, even our sanity, but you cannot question our intent. We love you so much we are willing to sacrifice your love for us in order to put you on that road. If you still love us, that’s beautiful, but that’s not as important as the fact that we love you. As parents we owe you all our love.”   Anonymous