Vedanta teachings

The intellect divides everything between what it considers pleasant (acceptable) and unpleasant (unacceptable) and then opposes anything it deems unacceptable as a “problem” that needs solving. Thus, any problem can only be solved at its source, which is the intellect that conceived the problem as a problem in the first place.

Take away: Don’t see things as “problems” which need to be solved~ see them as “situations” which call for a response. Inherent in every challenge lies equal opportunity, focus on the latter. Remember, energy follows attention, so be mindful of where your attention focuses.

The Road Less Travelled and Beyond

“We are not here simply to experience pain free living, to be comfortable, happy or fulfilled all the time. The reality is that painful feelings accompany problem solving and the process of becoming increasingly conscious is, like life in general, difficult. But, it has many benefits, the greatest of which is that we will become more effective in life. We will be aware of a broader array of choices in responding to different situations and the daily dilemmas of life. We will be in a better position to determine for ourselves what to think and believe, rather than simply fall pray to the dictates of mass media, or family and peer pressure.”   M Scott Peck

way more the same

We are all climbing the same mountain. Yes, we have different resources, different paths, and different views, but its the same fucking mountain, from separation to atonement.  From the depths or our minds to the presence of now,  here, absent of fear, why cant we see clear?  We are all standing on the same ground? A ground that happens to be shifting beneath our feet as we speak.…